Alpamayo (5,947 m / 19,511 ft)

Grade of Climb: Hard
Climbing time: 7 days / 6 Nights
Start Hiking point: Cashapampa (2,900 m / 9,514 ft)
Max altitude: Summit Alpamayo (5,947 m / 19,511 ft)
Best Period for Climbing: From Mid-June to Mid-August

Alpamayo (19,511 ft/5,947 m) is a very challenging pyramidal Mountain in the Cordillera Blanca because is considered a difficult climbing and It is considered one of the most beautiful mountains in the world.

Day 01: Huaraz (3,100 m / 10,170 ft) - Cashapampa (2,900 m / 9,514 ft) - Llamacorral (3,760 m / 12,335 ft)
After the breakfast in the hotel we will aboard in our private bus to go along the Callejon de Huaylas in the north side of Huaraz. passing the different districts such as: Carhuas (2,650 m / 8,692 ft), Yungay (2.500 m / 8,200 ft) After this city, we will get the Caraz city (2,400 m / 7,872 ft), then we will continue our travel to get the last Distrit Cashapampa arriving around 10:00am , where the Donkey Driver will waiting for us to transport our Camping equipments , from here we will start hiking up, after walking 2 hours half we will have lunch, then we will continue hiking up, after hiking up for 5 or 6 hours we will get the first camp named Llamacorral, arriving around 4pm. Overnight camping at Llamacorral.

Day 02: Llamacorral (3,760 m / 12,335 ft) - Base Camp of Alpamayo (4,330 m / 14,206 ft)
Today we will hike along the valley moderate enjoying the beautiful lakes called Ichiccocha and Jatuncocha, turquoise lakes, then we will arrive to nice spot where will have lunch at the place called Quisuar, after it we will climb up to the Alpamayo Base Camp, we will get here early and prepare and check our climbing gears for the next day, overnight at (4,330 m / 14,206 ft)

Day 03: Base Camp of Alpamayo (4,330 m / 14,206 ft) - Moraine Camp (4,800 m / 15,748 ft)
After the breakfast we will start climbing up for about 3 hours rocky path and get the Moraine camp, where we will enjoy a splendor views of the mountains Artesonraju, Paria, Pucajirca and others, after the pitch the tents we will check our climbing equipments for the next day. Overnight camping at (4,800 m / 15,748 ft).

Day 04: Moraine Camp (4,800 m / 15,748 ft) - High Camp 1 of Alpamayo (5,550 m / 18,208 ft)
After breakfast, We will climb the glacier for about 4 hours half, where we will put our climbing equipments for continue climbing, then we will get the camp 1 and will have dinner later afternoon and rest, overnight camping at (5,550m. / 18,208ft.).

Day 05: High Camp 1 (5,550 m / 18,208 ft) - Climb up Alpamayo Summit (5,947 m / 19,511 ft) - High Camp 1 (5,550 m / 18,208 ft)
We have breakfast at 01 the morning, and we will start climbing using head lamps, and after 1 hour approx walking in the snow we will get the base of the wall (Ferrari route) the inclination is approx. 75º, then we will start climbing the wall, and after 2 or 3 hours climbing we will succeed the summit (5,947 m / 19,511 ft), where we will have impressionist white mountain peaks. And after to enjoy for a few minutes we will come dawn rappelling with the help of our guide, arriving to the camp place at 11 or 12 am and just for lunch, and rest in the afternoon, overnight in the glacier at (5,550m / 18,208ft).

Day 06: High Camp 1 (5,550 m / 18,208 ft) - Base Camp of Alpamayo (4,330 m / 14,206 ft)
After the breakfast in the Camp 1, we will take the same route to go back to the Moraine Camp, then we will continue go down to the Base Camp, arriving to the Base Camp around 3:00pm. And stay overnight camping in the Base Camp of Arhueycocha.

Day 07: Base Camp of Alpamayo (4,330 m / 14, 206 ft) - Cashapampa (2,900 m / 9,514 ft) - Huaraz (3,100 m / 10,170 ft)
Today we will come back walking down hill along the Santa Cruz valley enjoying the nice view of Jatuncocha and Ichiccocha Lake, till Cashapampa, where the transfer will be waiting for us and will have a last stop for lunch, after lunch we will aboard our private transfer to return Huaraz, for about 3 hours and half