Mountaineering Alpamayo

Alpamayo (19,511 ft / 5,947 m) is a very challenging pyramidal Mountain in the Cordillera Blanca because is considered a difficult climbing and It is considered one of the most beautiful mountains in the world.

Mountaineering QUITARAJU

The Cordillera Blanca is one of the most mountaineering areas in Peru and Quitaraju (19,816 ft / 6,040 m) which is there, one technical, hard and challenging peak to reach the summit which means only experts on climbing can reach the summit.

Mountaineering Pisco

Pisco is one of the popular and moderate peaks for climbing, Pisco (18,864 ft / 5,750 m) has an impressive view from the top a good option for an acclimatization before climbing one technical and challenging peak in the Cordillera Blanca.


Mountaineering Urus, Ishinca and Tocllaraju

One of the good mountaineering alternatives in the Cordillera Blanca because these peaks are in Ishinca Valley. Urus and Ishinca good for acclimatization before reaching Tocllaraju summit.

Grade of Climb:
Moderate to Hard 
7 days / 6 Nights
Start hiking point:
Pashpa (3,400 m / 11,154 ft)

Max. elevation: Top of Tocllaraju 6,035 m / 19,799 ft)
Best period to climb: From June to August


Day 01: Transfer from Huaraz (3,100 m / 10,170 ft) to Pashpa village from there we start hiking up to base camp of Ishinca (4,300 m / 14,107 ft)

Day 02: Early morning from Ishinca base camp, we start climbing up to Urus Summit (5,497m – 18,030 ft) after that we return to base camp of Ishinca

Day 03: Early morning from Ishinca Base Camp, we start climbing up to Ishinca Summit (5,550 m / 11,154 ft) after that we back to base Camp.

Day 04: After early lunch, we hike up to high camp of Tocllaraju and stay overnight in tents at (5,200 m / 17, 060 ft)

Day 05: At midnight, we start climbing up to Tocllaraju in order to reach the Summit then we back to base camp and stay overnight there.

Day 06: We return to Huaraz.

Rainbow mountain and Ausangate trek

Grade of trek: Hard 

Duration: (4 days – 3 Nights) | Optional: (5 days / 4 Nights) – (3 days / 2 Nights) or (4 days / 3 Nights)

Start trekking point: Upis (4,400 m / 14,435 ft) 

Max. elevation:  Rainbow Mountain (5,100 m / 16,732 ft) 

Major attractions: lakes, mountains, wildlife, native people.

The best period to trek: From May to September


Ausangate to Rainbow Mountain Trek is one amazing route in the Cordillera Vilcanota in the Andes of Peru.
There are beautiful lakes, wildlife such as Andean geese; camelids like Vicuñas and Alpacas and Llamas. So, during this trek, you will be surrounded by huge mountains and you will meet Andean people who keep their own traditional dress, all of that make a more beautiful and interesting route.

The spot is unique and Rainbow Mountain and the red valley have and incredible spots with those natural colors.